Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The're made out of meat

There are many things that make a close friendship. One of the things is that you are so close that you do not need to think about your friend. However rude others think it is the friends know that they can get back together at a drop of a hat and just strike it again without any embarrassment. I am lucky to have friends like that. And I was reminded of it today when Sujith sent me this link.

I immediately checked up his blogsite and realised that the fool had not blogged it. So I stole the rights to blog it

About the story itself...I don't know if it is one you would like. Hell! I don't even know if anyone would get it. But I completely grokked it and I felt real happy that Sujith knew I would grok it. And thats what brought up all the melancholy.

Great day:)

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