Friday, March 25, 2005

Star Wars Revelations ... Panic Struck Productions

Ready for the new Star Wars movie. I ain't speaking of the one by Big Man Lucas. No! Here is an independent fan driven one. Seems to be quite a competent production, if it ain't just a joke that is!!!(with April approaching you can never be sure:))
To the question regarding copyright here is their response:
For most people who do not understand fan films we get this question often .To answer, I doubt if Lucas himself has seen "Revelations". However ,Lucas is a large supporter for fan films,and is very kind enough to let other inspiring artists play in his backyard, as long as you don't try and make money from his hard work, and respectfully so.
"Revelations" is a non-profit film and everyone who worked on the film was a volunteer (no one was paid)
The film itself will be availible free to download from and the "Revelations" website to anyone who wishes to watch it.

A great article put out by "Wired" covers some good ground about fan films and here is what Steve Sansweet (Lucasfilm's head of Fan Relations) had to say,

"There is plenty of room for fans to express their own feelings and opinions," Sansweet said. "We believe our core fans are responsible for the continuing popularity of the series, and we want to encourage them. Our intellectual properties are there for you to play with, but we expect you won't try and make a profit or use our characters in a salacious way. Having that wide-open frontier serves as a self-policing mechanism for the fans, who are really appreciative of being included."
"Sansweet added that Lucas believes fan films will grow more sophisticated as the amateur filmmakers gain new skills. "


Worth a dekko.

UPDATE: I just finished checking out the trailer. Awesome!!!

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