Sunday, March 13, 2005

Feedback time!

Hey there mateys,

This ship has been chugging away for the last month. During this period a lot of you have visited this vessel for tales of places you can be to and ports you should visit. It has been quite an eccelectic trip with this vessel taking quite a meandering path. I thought this was the right time for me to take a breather and request some feedback for you.

So please feel free to put your thoughts onto the comments page regarding this site. Of course I am always fishing for compliments. However criticisms are very welcome too. This site unlike my other site (...a glitch in the matrix) is more than just a repository of links for my own sake. I would like to know whether this site is helpful to any of you. More importantly I would like to know whether you want me to go more hardcore into any specific field. Rest assured, the links will be eccelectic as it is now. Still if even one of you want me to slant the site towards any one field I am ready to do that.

For those reading this on my site, time to get an aggregator:) Nonetheless thanks for being her and please do comment.
For those on an aggregator, good choice dude!!! However please do pop-up and drop a comment.
For those not reading this...guess you have a life!!!



Anonymous said...

I love your hole as it is :)
like spending a few mins everyday here ... sipping on new stuff :P
keep up the good work dude.


Raoul said...

Utter drivel.

brijwhiz said...

Ouch! Raoul - that hurt!!!

Connoisseur said...

say..nice way to put in a filler, ;)

brijwhiz said...

Hey Con...:) I was not using a filler:) In fact as you can see I had posted 3 articles on that day:D So you have to give a more concrete filler;)

Raoul said...

I'm sorry, Brij. But that's what you get when you so blatantly go fishing for compliments.

brijwhiz said...

R Dude, comments are the lifeline for this site. Even I find it funny sometimes putting things up here if I am not sure anyone except me clicks on the site. About the fishing part, I do need constant ego-massages - you have a proble; Sue me!!! (or write a comment) - wait that exactly what you have done!!! :) My Bad!

BTW thanks for commenting...better your agnostic comments than no comment at all:)

P.S: I have no idea what agnostic means - just sounded right:D