Saturday, March 19, 2005

Apply CSS to Specific Sites

One more way users can change the way they consume info. If you have Firefox it seems you can decide how you want to render the pages you get by modifing the Chrome folder's "userContent.css"

Avery good example of how this was used on GMail can be found here

This alongwith all the hullaboo about Google's AutoLinks really brings to fore the fact that the Web is moving much faster than we ever thought. We are really trying to map our real world ideas about what is right and wrong (and what we do or do not own) and it is just not scaling up.

Earlier I did not write about Autolinks for two reasons:
1. Being in India the toolbar did not show any autolinks so I had not experimental data, and
2. I was honestly quite confused about my thoughts regarding it.

Regarding this css thing - again confusion. I do like the idea but as Phillip has shown you could end up with a Google page which has an AskJeeves image instead of the Google logo. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? No Idea!!!

The web is moving way fast dude, real fast!!!

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