Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Dave is at it again!

Most people who reads my blogs knows about Dave Winer. A most colorful and assertive character who is a cool hacker at heart. I really like this fellow. Not only is he partly responsible for XML-RPC, he is the main force behind RSS as we know it , which differs from Netscape's RSS(if I am not wrong). A discussion between Adam Curry and himself resulted in him adding the binary enclosure to the RSS feed thereby giving a new set of podcasts and video blogs to the internet.
Now he is back to try and get the freedom of expression back to the internet. One way to do this is his latest collaborative project - TheTwoWayWeb.Com. Well worth the effort of popping out there. Even if you don't want to be directly involved it does make you think about the direction you would like the web to take.

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Dallas Valera said...

it was pretty awesome.