Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Mid-Summer Sunday Afternoon

A very nicely written article by my pal Anon.

Conquering Muscle Cramps

Was shaken out this morning by a painful cramp in my calf muscle. For around 5 seconds it really was excruciating. Frightened poor Magi too.
For a second it almost felt like that muscle group has shifted:) Anyways drank a litre of water and went back to sleep. Somewhere I had this inkling that dehydration can cause cramps hence this solution. When I woke up later the pain was still there. Hence decided to check out all I can about cramps and how to alleviate the pain. Liked this page best so posting it here.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found

I absiolutely love myths and Atlantis is the mother of all myths. Check out this site for some interesting takes in this myth.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Boing Boing: Downloadable video clips of Copyfight Debate of the Century

This would have been a great site. Unluckily the videos have been pulled off due to bandwidth issues. Hey! Someone inform them about BitTorrent:)

Check this space for when it comes back on.

High-speed Dance Dance Revolution ...

... while juggling??? I can't do that thing at the slowest speed!!! Hop over to this link on Boing Boing and check it out. Worth a dekko.

Are you keyed into this auto?

Check this link out. As the author puts it "Only in Hollywood!" :)
The keys are not all from the modern keyboards, some of them actually have "telex on" and "telex off" written on them

Have fun with this one :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

He speaks, he speaks!!!

Sarat has updated his blog after a hiatus of almost 2 months. Well worth the wait as he rambles on. Interesting rants on Spring issues (i am with you about the static dude!). Then he rambles on about the colourful candiate for the college elections - The Pirate Captain!!!. For more hop onto his blog

{I have gone ahead and officially called his ramblings site a blog. Now to change my address of residence before I face his fury :)}

Friday, April 15, 2005


This space may not be updated for the next 3 days. I am on a business trip to Bangalore and may not be able to login. So to njoy the weekend I am putting up a link to a most unique game. Check it out!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Stupendous Shot

Was quite busy this time around and missed the Masters - the only golf tournament I watch. Well Tiger just had to produce this shot when I was not watching:) Really really worth the time spent to watch it. I was pointed to it by Dave Winer who has also provided a donloadable file of the same.

I repeat, well worth it.

P.S: The pipeline is interesting Steve Rubel points it out and is picked up by Scoble on his page where it comes to the notice of Dave Winer who posts it and is read by yours truly. You read it here. Would be interesting to find how many more such links are there? I guess I know what I will be BlogPulsating (yes that's my new word for it:)) tomorrow.

Monday, April 11, 2005

NewsForge | The ultimate (generic) press release

Hey for all you PR guys out there - this is one real smooth press release which you can use. Really cracked me up:) Especially this part :

"We are backed by a group of multinational venture capital firms. Our founders are dedicated to their vision of a world in which corporations do no evil. We recently closed a second round of funding we are using to keep the excitement going as we prepare for our IPO, which will be handled by the world's premier investment bank. Our directors' expertise spans industries ranging from novelty item wholesaling to personal vehicle retail marketing. We are positioned to rapidly open facilities in major cities worldwide to accommodate the inevitable demand for our breakthrough creation."

Do no evil the new mantra (till you need to pay your stockholders ;))

Thanks to my good mate Neville (not to be confused with Neville Hobson of the For Immediate Release fame - a Real (and Kewl) PR guy - well worth a visit) for the link.

Some ranting on music prices

Just a link to an article on my other blog.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Laser Wheel 3d space video game

Don't know if I have already pointed to this marvellous flash game. Simple dynamics, fast and no graphics to speak of. Retro style space shooting. I absolutely love it.

Call centre theft may bust India's BPO boom

Well well well! Seems like the BS 7799 did not work!!! Really all this certifications are lame, only effective for audits. For any clients out here ... please do your homework...certificates are just pieces of paper, whether they be CMM/ISO or MCP/Sun Certified etc.

Personally I have always felt BS 7799 just meant Bull S**t 7799

css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design

My friend Anon reminded me that I had not linked to this superlative site. Please do visit if you are even remotely interested in web development and CSS. Once you are there play with the different schemes. I am very sure it will give you ideas of your own:)

Mallu Rock!!! - A serving of Avial

Link sent from my dear friend J. F@$king good rock song. Only problem is that my knowledge of Mallu is so poor that I have no idea what the lyrics mean!!! All of you go there and watch it - 100%satisfaction guaranteed. The low quality WMV is only 5.3 MB. And please do send me the meaning of the lyrics if any of you know what it means.

Sorry J, could not help you! We will have to wait for someone else to give us the lyrics:)

P.S: BTW I forgot to mention that Avial was the name of the group.
(for the ignorant among you Avial is a multi-vegetable dish of Kerala)

Update: there is an original version and a dance edit. The videos are alos slightly different. The dance version is ok for its use of some good bass. Too much scratching though!

Yahoo 360 Entry for April 08, 2005

Blog at updated. For any pals out there wanting invites just put your mail id onto these here comments.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Mobile Phone Fan's Comic Strip

This is the link to all the comic strips by the Mobile Phone Fan.


Mobile Phone Fan � Daily Comic Strip #16

This guy makes some cool comic strips. This one was pointed to by both Dave and Jeremy and really worth a visit.

P.S: Warning: Some knowledge of the current state of the blogosphere required to catch the humour.

[Via ScriptingNews]

Monday, April 04, 2005

CSS Rounded Box Generator

Just a link for myself. However if you find it useful to hack together a beautiful web page so much the better.

The latest phone from Motorola - a PAPYR V9

Hey mayes this one is a "first" class in-no-vation from Motorola's stable. I was so busy I posted this 3 days late!!!

Snake appears from tap in Kupwara (

Looks like somebody made Moses mad out here in Kupwara:)

[via Dave Barry's site]

This is what VAT's all about

Many states in India have moved to a common VAT system. This has also caused a lot of controversy among the traders in these states. However most of us have no idea of what really is. Here is a very cool primer regarding this.

[this site was pointed to me by both my wife and my friend Double-J, so thanks to both of them:)]

How to really confuse your party guests.

This is one realgravity defying room!

[I can't remember who posted the link to this...was on a clicking spree:) Will put the linking post once I check my aggregator again.]

Sunday, April 03, 2005

How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial on Podcasting

A lot of people I know do not still grok Podcasting. While my article on podcasting is still to be done here is a link to a good begionner article on how to go about making and posting a podcast. Well worth a read.

Of course tools like BlogMatrix makes the whole process much easier but that is another story:)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Bug On A Wire

A bug needs to go country and it decides to use Cable. Premise of another fun game from some time age. Well worth for those 5 mins breaks (which end up being 5 hour breaks when you are Piling it Higher and Deeper) :)

As you can see I am on a roll with games today.
Most of these games were pointed to by FetchFido

Especial Bruno Bozzetto on differences between Italy and the rest of Europe

Well worth a watch this weekend. Just repalce Italian by Indian for the desis out there. I remember getting this flash sometime in pre-2000. The politics especially fits us Indians. While you are the site try out the other flash stuff too.

Don't try this at home:)

A funny drum playing video down at the Rockstar Games site. Shockwave file!!! Jsut wondering what the feminists have to say to this? Or is it just my wild imagination???

Friday, April 01, 2005


A damn silly but addictive flash game of one of the best movies and one of it's best scenes. Try it!

Just how much power does Google need?

An old post that I had forgotten to link. Quite an eye opener on the scale of operations that Google runs!!!

Web of Letters

Real enjoyable!!!. For even more fun concerning the different April Fool stuff put up by the differnt companies read all the articles in Google Blogoscoped for today and yesterday. Also do not forget toc heck out the "Blog-War" between Google and Ask Jeeves:) BTW I am auto-drinking my Google Gulp!

Gmail With 2GB

Damn Gmail ain't coming out of Beta. But they are giving much more space:) This really looks look liike it is going to be home for a lot of my stuff:)
Lets see - at home I have a 80 gigs harddisk.
In each Gmail account I have 50 invites. If I invite myself 40 times I have a space quivalent to my hard disk on the World Wide Web...SWEEEETTTT!!!

Rich formatting enabled in Gmail

Considering that last year on 1st April Google rolled out GMail everyone is waiting iwith bated breath if they are going to do something similar this time. One possibility is that Gmail comes out of Beta. Anyways in the meantime they have added rich text formating to GMail. This will be a really useful feature which was long awaited. Kewl!!! Now Google! what other goodies do you have?

my original site's flooded

Forgot to turn off the faucet!!! Damn!!! Now I have to swab my site:(
Check the state of my site by clicking on the link above.