Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Density around this blog

Got this from the WebTalk Radio Show which aired on 22nd March 2005. In this Rob discussed with Mitch Ratcliffer about his Online Relationship Mapping company called Persuadio. This can be found at IOt is an experiment, just begun, with lots of promise. The link here shows the web around this site.

Be forewarned that the site needs to search a lot to get these links. So once you out your site you may need to try a few times before the site will know all about your site. Once your site is available it keeps adding links to and from the site into its cahe so the alter views are quite fast.

Do try it, if not for any other reasin than to see a visualization tool in Java.

Speaking of Java let me also point you to another company making cool Java visualization tools which which will 100% help your productivity and efficiency. This company is founded by close friends of mine. Do visit them at AvizSoft.

Update: I must add the warning that trying out popular sites will just get a big forest of links. For eg. try the MyDensity link to Scripting News. Of course we always knew that Dave Winer was well connected ;)

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