Sunday, March 20, 2005

Red Bull Or Old Bull?�-�Editorial from

Quotes from the editorial from
"Bigger Than Schumi
In terms of attracting bigger audiences Jordan have had a much better idea than Red Bull. Employ the best-known F1 driver in the world. Yes, that’s right Narain Karthikeyan is arguably the best-known F1 driver in the world because he’s a household name in the greatest democracy, India.

Sachin Tendulkar won’t just be visiting Ferrari next time he turns up at a grand prix."

Would have made sense if everyone in India knew Narain. Sadly I do not think it is true. Maybe if Sachin visits him he will become more well known

Personally I am very happy with his results. Coming in 15th and 11th in the first two races of his F1 career is commendable. He is reputated to be a very disciplined fellow so I can only see things getting better for him.

Congrats and Best Of Luck to Narain from this corner of the net.

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Venky said...

way to go Narain.
And about Sachin and the rest of India - well thats something I have been sad for a while now ... Vishy anand, Geith Sethi, Jaspal Rana, Paes and so many more - great achievers that too in a one-man sport but with not even a fraction of Sachin's popularity ... c'est la vie ...
heck there are already news reports that Sachin spoke to Narain before the race etc. etc. ...
and so it goes - but then we digress.
Go Narain :)