Friday, March 25, 2005

south by southwest festivals conferences

Like good music ... live music ... fresh music ... for FREE. Venks this is one time you want to have a good broadband connection. The south by southwest festival organisers had released the whole set of 750 + songs as one hyper bit-torrent file. If you want the full songs it is 2.8 gigs. Happy with the 30-second clips? Then you have a sane 345 megs to download.

So why are you wasting time...start your torrent. It should be over by next week. Hey sujith, I think you are going to hate Reliance and unreliability;).

Before I sign off I beg your pardon. This piece of news has actually lost its currency and I should have posted it earlier. The downlaod being a torrent it might have worked better at the peak of the wave.

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Venky said...

man that was fast
2.6GB + 85MB in 2 hours 45 mins - there were more than 42 seeds for the SXSW thingie ...
will listen to the stuff sometime over the next few days now ... gotto get this presentation done by Thursday :P

thx man