Sunday, March 20, 2005

Don't touch this with a 10-foot pole:)

This link leads to my first podcast. Just checking out the feasibilty and ease of using Spark!2.0 software from Blogmatrix. I think it is pretty swell. Just to make sure you do not judge it by my voice (I absolutely hate listening to myself;)) I added a small (Hey RIAA it was a very very small) bit of music. If you have absolutley nothing else to do then hop over there. End to end it took me around 4 mins to get this 1 min worth of audio up there.

BTW it is a bit torrent, sorry all you non geeks but you WILL need a bittorrent downloader. For audio and video I use iPodder which is also my podcatching/broadcatching client. Maybe the first audio torrent that you will be downloading legally :D

Folks, be gentle!!!

Update: forgot to mention this earlier. Sparks! 2.0 itself can be used to download the bittorrents. Just add the feed to the Sparks program. In other words Sparks is all-in-one package. It is a blog aggregator, podcatcher and podcaster all in one! Kewl!!!


David McCarthy said...

Hi, Sparks! also reads bittorrents. Thus, if you have Sparks! to create podcasts it also allows you to listen to podcasts. Just subscribe to the feed or drag the link into the left side of Sparks!

brijwhiz said...

Hello David, Thanks for hopping here. You are very correct. I missed that point in my article. Will make an update to my article. Thanks for pointing that out.;)

Venky said...

sweet voice of Brij :)
good one brij - loved the ending touch with music!
I read your earlier blogs but still can't figure out much about podcasts as such - except that it is a place where I can post audio! so much jargon - so much technology ... and so little time :P
next time sing deeply dippy :)