Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Stupendous Shot

Was quite busy this time around and missed the Masters - the only golf tournament I watch. Well Tiger just had to produce this shot when I was not watching:) Really really worth the time spent to watch it. I was pointed to it by Dave Winer who has also provided a donloadable file of the same.

I repeat, well worth it.

P.S: The pipeline is interesting Steve Rubel points it out and is picked up by Scoble on his page where it comes to the notice of Dave Winer who posts it and is read by yours truly. You read it here. Would be interesting to find how many more such links are there? I guess I know what I will be BlogPulsating (yes that's my new word for it:)) tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I did nothing that entire Augusta Masters afternoon but watch TV - feeling real lazy and all. I was rooting for DiMarco, since he was fighting hard to catch up with Tiger.

And then i saw that shot, and i knew it was going in the moment it started to funnel in towards the hole. It was stupendous no doubt. For a guy like Tiger, who hits shots like that so often, you have to say, he understands the game like few others, possibly like no one else.

We don't have a Jordan in basketball anymore, but we do have magicians like Woods in golf, and Federer in Tennis. The world of sports is still in good hands!


Anon said...

...and Efren Reyes in Snooker!