Saturday, April 09, 2005

Mallu Rock!!! - A serving of Avial

Link sent from my dear friend J. F@$king good rock song. Only problem is that my knowledge of Mallu is so poor that I have no idea what the lyrics mean!!! All of you go there and watch it - 100%satisfaction guaranteed. The low quality WMV is only 5.3 MB. And please do send me the meaning of the lyrics if any of you know what it means.

Sorry J, could not help you! We will have to wait for someone else to give us the lyrics:)

P.S: BTW I forgot to mention that Avial was the name of the group.
(for the ignorant among you Avial is a multi-vegetable dish of Kerala)

Update: there is an original version and a dance edit. The videos are alos slightly different. The dance version is ok for its use of some good bass. Too much scratching though!


Sujith said...

woo hoo...much better than the crap that passes for IndiRock.

as for the lyrics...well...I've asked some more mallu vidhwans to decipher the same. Going by the angst displayed by the singer, I don't think it'll be PG rated.
But then most nursery rhymes are pretty gory :)

brijwhiz said...

J sent the following as explained by his friend:
"Well,the song when loosely translated means ‘Walk On’. And it’s all
about sticking with a shitty day or a good day because when you keep
walking new things come your way - it could be the closure that you
needed or the an answer to a question that haunted you… keep walking to
see what happens in your journey."

Hey J, if you would send the link to your friends site I could p[roperly attribute this quote.

Venky said...

Nice song with a million-dollar video. Must say that I was quite impressed with the music but it left a lot for wanting. Avial sounds like a U2-Metallica-LinkinPark Mix - would have like to have more leads or more complex chord patters - the songs was a straightforward grunge attempt with lots of distortion and some records slapped in. Nice for a start but needs a lot more.
But the production of the song is very neat. I won't be surprised if it was a home-studio effort. And the video production is extremely impressive. I always felt that aspect lackign when it came to Indian bands - no seriously, after Pretty Child (Indus Creed) there have hardly been any Indian videos that looked so good. I remember ColorBlind coming out with one of the best videos that I have ever seen but then they
disa p p e a r e d ...
ALso, Paksitani videos always looked much better than Indian ones - so I guess it was not a matter of money!

I guess I must stop now.
Rock on Avial. Nada.