Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Conquering Muscle Cramps

Was shaken out this morning by a painful cramp in my calf muscle. For around 5 seconds it really was excruciating. Frightened poor Magi too.
For a second it almost felt like that muscle group has shifted:) Anyways drank a litre of water and went back to sleep. Somewhere I had this inkling that dehydration can cause cramps hence this solution. When I woke up later the pain was still there. Hence decided to check out all I can about cramps and how to alleviate the pain. Liked this page best so posting it here.


Venky said...

how are you feeling now dude?
maybe its just a sympton of growingis oldisis. :D

brijwhiz said...

Much better, though there is still some throbbong. About growing old - well I guess time to retire :D