Monday, April 11, 2005

NewsForge | The ultimate (generic) press release

Hey for all you PR guys out there - this is one real smooth press release which you can use. Really cracked me up:) Especially this part :

"We are backed by a group of multinational venture capital firms. Our founders are dedicated to their vision of a world in which corporations do no evil. We recently closed a second round of funding we are using to keep the excitement going as we prepare for our IPO, which will be handled by the world's premier investment bank. Our directors' expertise spans industries ranging from novelty item wholesaling to personal vehicle retail marketing. We are positioned to rapidly open facilities in major cities worldwide to accommodate the inevitable demand for our breakthrough creation."

Do no evil the new mantra (till you need to pay your stockholders ;))

Thanks to my good mate Neville (not to be confused with Neville Hobson of the For Immediate Release fame - a Real (and Kewl) PR guy - well worth a visit) for the link.

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