Wednesday, April 20, 2005

He speaks, he speaks!!!

Sarat has updated his blog after a hiatus of almost 2 months. Well worth the wait as he rambles on. Interesting rants on Spring issues (i am with you about the static dude!). Then he rambles on about the colourful candiate for the college elections - The Pirate Captain!!!. For more hop onto his blog

{I have gone ahead and officially called his ramblings site a blog. Now to change my address of residence before I face his fury :)}

1 comment:

Sarat said...

ramblings, blogs, personal diaries, homespaces... whatever man! The good thing is that we don't treat this space too seriously. Someone who does take these things seriously tho - now thats someone really scary! Scary like the new Pope!

The Pirate Captain won. Interesting times ahead.