Friday, April 01, 2005

Gmail With 2GB

Damn Gmail ain't coming out of Beta. But they are giving much more space:) This really looks look liike it is going to be home for a lot of my stuff:)
Lets see - at home I have a 80 gigs harddisk.
In each Gmail account I have 50 invites. If I invite myself 40 times I have a space quivalent to my hard disk on the World Wide Web...SWEEEETTTT!!!


Sujith said... gmail acc size is increasing with each refresh :)

brijwhiz said...

kewl...their storage area must be outasight :)
wait i remember a post i forgot to put up regarding this. let me find it and put it up

Venky said...

looks like the Google Grid is coming ...
the future is here fellows :)

brijwhiz said...

of course you all do know that many Mozilla programers have joined Google, right?

Connoisseur said...

Don't you think getting the user ids (and more, remembering then later)for those 50 accs is gonna be a strain on your brain?