Thursday, February 17, 2005

Why I Like Scoble & the Fox hits a new high

This is the reason I like Scoble He says it straight as he thinks it. However he is not blunt to the point of stupidity. Just another practical and honest man! Brij like! I love Firefox too. In the past month i have come to know that it is not as liked or used in my immediate surroundings as I would like. The fact that most intranet sites and bank sites are set up sepcifically for IE does hurt it. Well! To each his own! I love it and am happy it is doing well. Will I go a far as to help evangelize it in this manner? I don't see I think that is a tad too rude:) What say you?

Update: Check out Mark Hughes post for some flip-side comments on Scoble. personally I think that it sounds like a raving lunatic. But hey! I am just a lay developer.


Anon said...

I'm waiting till the MS IE 7.0 is out... Firefox is biased. It did not like my new template, IE did.

Sujith said...

OTOH, Firefox consumes some serious memory. I have had to frequently shutdown Firefox to allow some of my other progs to breathe.
Not that IE is any better, but for such a "popular" browser, the memory issues are slightly off-putting.

brijwhiz said...

I agree with you about the memory. However I still do like it:) Have you ever tried opera?