Monday, June 19, 2006

Google videos watched this weekend

The first video I watched was really really sick - I mean absolutely obnoxious - BIG WARNING - Do NOT Watch - the video is called PepsiGirl-Super Burp

Mario-Live - A MUST WATCh. The LIVE in the title does not refer to online(as in XBOX Live) Instead it actual means what it says - Live as in Alive. Check it out. Full marks for imagination and effort. Reminds one of the Ping Pong Matrix.

Football Skills One more compilation of football - well worth a watch in the present World Cup context.

Another MUST WATCH - a comedian showing dance styles froms th e60's to recent times - The Evolution of Dance

And finally got the chance to watch the trailer of The Inconvenient Truth.

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Anon said...

kudos to dance evolution!