Friday, March 10, 2006

The Dilbert Blog

The Dilbert Blog:
"Now all I had to do was convince my doctor(s) that I wasn’t nuts and that I had a very rare condition. As you might imagine, when you tell a doctor that you think you have a very rare condition, that doctor will tell you that it’s very unlikely. Your first impulse might be to point out that “very rare” is a lot like “very unlikely,” but you don’t do that, because doctors have wide latitude in deciding which of your orifices they will use for various medical apparati. So you go with the protocol which involves systematically eliminating all the things that are more likely."

That's classic Scott Adams.

Check out another of his gems that resonates with me:
...but I couldn’t speak in most situations. My entire personality depends on being witty and charming. Relying instead on my good looks isn’t a good Plan B. I learned that loneliness is only solved by speaking, and not by listening.

Check this post and the rest of his blog.


Anon said...

Did u know that i'm working in the same office that Scott used to work?
We have dilbert strips all over the place!

maverick said...

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