Wednesday, May 18, 2005


More correctly, I have almost got it...the ticket for Revenge Of The Sith, that is. Booked the tickets for the Sunday show; should be in myhands by the morrow. Would have loved to see it on Premiere night. However the missus has to work on Saturday, so Sunday seemed more feasible.
Very excited about it. Right now I am pondering on the logistics of how to watch the 5 episodes and Clone wars before watcing Episode Six [Edit: I mean Episode 3].
As an aside the new KFC is in the same mall as the multiplex where I will watch the movie. So some major original recipe eating on Sunday I visualize:)


Sujith said...

Have the numbers wrong you have , my friend.

You have (hopefully) booked the tickets for Episode 3. Otherwise, you'd be watching Return Of The Jedi which is the real Episode 6.

brijwhiz said...

Yup made a mistake there, but only in blogging :) I got the right tickets:D What to do Episode 3 will always be episode 6 for me:) Like a guy said in one of the forums if you do not watch Star Wars in the chronologocal porder of production then many magically moments, like when Vader says "I Am You Father" will become meaningless:)